I Make What's in My Brain

I am a graphic novice, who wants to pursue a giant dream

About Me


Hello, my name is Domenico Bruzzese. I'm Italian, I was born December 31, 1997, and now live in Siderno. I'm just a graphic novice, but my desire is to create three-dimensional models for large manufacturers of video games or animated film.

My Knowledge

I do graphic works ranging from 2D to 3D, particularly in Low Poly style. I would like to study the three-dimensional models, in order to use my skills in the workplace. For now, I limit myself to a few scribbles on my pc thought in moments of inspiration.

My Hobbies

I love video games, I play in the Minatori Unti Minecraft server.I love reading as much as seeing a movie. I like to say what I think about them with brief reviews or quotes. I love also Japanese culture and psychological thrillers books.

Contact Me

Ask me something, give me a little tips or chats with me!